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Shri. Adhi Maran

‘To reach quality technical education to the unreached and even to the unreachable’ is my aim, ambition and goal. Adhi College of Engineering and Technology was started in 2008 with the sole aim of throwing open the doors of technical education in Tamilnadu and other states to the needy and aspiring youngsters cutting across gender, language and social strata in the state and elsewhere.

Though it is hazardous to crystalgaze the future, we cannot fail to notice two clearly emerging trends, which now have immediate implications for those tasked with the delivery of technical education to our student community. First, with the line between technology and domain starting to blur, the demands on the technological front are going to rise and intensify. Second, globalization has come to stay and can only gain further momentum in the years to come. Considering these unmistakable trends, the criticality of higher technical education to our national well-being cannot be overemphasized. The growth of the country and its economy in the agricultural, scientific, industrial sectors etc., is directly proportional to the availability of quality human resources delivering which is the prime responsibility of all stakeholders in the area of technical education. It is important that we stay wide awake to the national imperative of turning out highlymeritorious technocrats and professionals with a competitive edge and theKnowhow to script futuristic strategies for sustaining and accelerating India’s growth story in the years ahead.

I would like to express my grateful thanks to my co-trustees, the Principal and the teaching and non-teaching staff of ACET who as a cohesive force are playing their part in making this possible through their untiring efforts. I wish them well as they move forward delivering their valuable services.