Department Of Computer Science and Engineering

Computer science and Engineering is defined as the study of the science of computing, data storage, data analysis and communications. CSE Engineers solve technical, organizational and management problems involving information, collecting information, storing it, retrieving it from storage and using it. The Department of CSE at ACET strives for inculcating technical knowledge in our students to face the industry challenges as well as to prepare them for coping up with emerging technologies. Besides Academics, the department also focuses on enhancing their special skills. The department has been striving to maintain high standard in improving quality education in the field of CSE.

Our Department is equipped with spacious laboratory with modern hardware, software, multimedia and internet accessibility to cater to the academic needs of students and staff.
The department of Computer Science and Engineering joined the fleet of Adhi college of Engineering and Technology during the year 2008-2009. With a vision to produce professionals who drive the edge of IT world.

The department is elevated through its team of trained and dedicated faculty and unceasing emphasis in skill up-gradation, human values and refinement.

The department is well equipped with advanced laboratories with state-of-the technology.

We have Excellent Mentor system for extending individual attention to our students.

Laboratory Facilities:

  • Our Computer laboratory is equipped with High end Servers
  • 150 nodes, 22 KVA Online UPS, LAN Connectivity

Computer Lab

  • Data structures and System Software Lab
  • Networking
  • OOPS and Graphics Lab
  • Office Suite Lab
  • OOAD Lab

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